The North Cumbria GP Fellowship Programme is a 2 year programme, created to support ongoing development and support of our newly qualified GPs through dedicated, ring fenced time. Nationally funded, locally developed.


  • We've approached this national roll out differently in North Cumbria.
  • We want to ensure the needs of GPs are put first, rather than that of the System.
  • We're focusing on an individualised approach to our Fellows.
  • Targeting an individual's interests and allowing them to develop strengths.

Ultimately, we want GPs to feel invested in and develop within their early years post qualification.

Programme Details

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Prospective Applicants

  • Available for all new GP's, qualifying from in the last 12 -18 months (Full & Part Time)

  • Paid, dedicated ring fenced time each week covering four main domains:

    • Peer Learning​ & support

    • Partnership Learning

    • PCN Learning

    • Dedicated Mentorship


  • Fellowship Programme is being centrally funded by NHS England

  • Per each Fellow.

    • Based upon “Full Time” working (37.5 hours)

      • Fellow Reimbursement - Matched usual clinical session rate & 30% Up-lift to offset tax, NI & pension contributions

      • Practice Reimbursement - £1,000 /12 month

      • Fellowship Programme Delivery - £2,000 /12 month

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us on the form on this page if you have any questions - we'd be more than happy to discuss things further.

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