What opportunities do we have?

We have practice nurses, nurse practitioners and opportunities to specialise in specific areas such as diabetes, long term conditions and children’s health.

If you are interested in nursing opportunities in North Cumbria please get in touch via our form here so we can help you explore the various possibilities available – we would love to hear from you.
For more information on our GP Nurse Fellowship Programme in North Cumbria visit here.

Why work in North Cumbria?

"I came to Carlisle Healthcare (CHC) as a newly qualified Nurse, having had the opportunity to complete a placement here in my third year of training. I was drawn to the role because of both the team I worked alongside and the opportunities that primary care afforded me as an NQN.

"Since starting with CHC, I have been offered a plethora of opportunities for development such as a role in the GPN fellowship, chronic disease and warfarin training and in furthering student support – getting to see things from a new perspective, and to drive interest in primary care." - Luke Andrews

Routes into Nursing...

This PDF document offers an overview of the different routes into nurses with some useful links.

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