Date published: 3 May 2024

This week we have been sharing films across our social media channels of primary care staff across North Cumbria talking about their roles.

The films were initially part of an online work experience project which is available through the Springpod platform at: Primary Care Careers in North Cumbria | Springpod 
Running through to October 2024 the experience allows anyone aged 13+ to provide a better understanding of different careers on offer within primary care.

Trailer montage - primary care roles

The films featured within the virtual work experience project showed a range of staff explaining their roles and sharing stories.

To further use this resource, to support recruitment across multiple organisations, the Primary Care Services North Cumbria team also used these films in a social media campaign this week (on their myheathncumbria platforms) to help give followers more information on the variety of jobs available.

Communications and Media Project Manager Paul Day said: "We're trying to support recruitment wherever we can and thought these films would work beyond the work experience platform they were initially created for. They should really help to highlight the really varied and interesting roles available within primary care. On recent recruitment events it's clear that some people and students didn't realise that there was a much greater scope to the world of general practice and primary care involving skills way beyond the medical field, so it's great to help support that education.

"Trying to get above the 'noise' on social media honestly does get more difficult every year as there is just so much content created on a daily basis across multiple platforms, however because this is how the majority of people seek information in this modern age it is crucial that primary care is right there somewhere in that mix. We hope that the films really help to highlight some of the excellent benefits of both the roles themselves and also working in North Cumbria."

The films are available to view below (as well as part of the careers section of this website) and include stories from GPs, Nurses, Practice Managers, Pharmacist, Dispensary Teams and more.

There are lots of current vacancies for primary care in North Cumbria which are also highlighted through our website here . The social media posts of this film campaign also used the opportunity to encourage people to explore the vacancies further.

GPs and GP Registrar
Receptionist, Reception Manager, Secretary
PCN Operational Managers
Dispensary Manager and Dispenser
Care Co-ordinator and Social Prescriber
Practice Managers and Assistant Practice Manager
Practice Nurse and Routes into Nursing
Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician
Medicines Management
Trainee Primary Care Paramedic