Date published: 14 September 2023

New social media accounts have been launched to provide more information on Primary Care in North Cumbria and help promote health and wellbeing across communities.

The accounts by Primary Care North Cumbria hope to bring together ideas, initiatives, inspiration and advice providing local health highlights and insights.

The ‘My Health North Cumbria’ accounts will provide a behind the scenes look at primary care but also support wider health and wellbeing projects taking place across communities.

Multiple platforms have been made available in order to reach people with different social media accounts and tastes, this includes Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter). There is also a Youtube channel for the Primary Care videos which we produce as part of Primary Care North Cumbria.

You can visit them and follow at:

​​​​​​​You can also find quick links to these sites using the icon buttons at the top of the page banners across our website or the bottom of the page.

Please help to like, share and subscribe to help spread the word of the excellent work taking place in Primary Care, our important recruitment information and also the many health and wellbeing initiatives taking place across our local areas to help support communities.

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