Primary Care Services North Cumbria is your front door into our world of primary care here in the west, east and north areas of Cumbria. It covers your local general practice, pharmacy, dentistry and optometry.

Below are some of the key groups and people involved in Primary Care Services North Cumbria, a collaboration of North Cumbria Primary Care Networks (PCNs) 

North Cumbria General Practice Leadership Team:

Clinical Directors, Operational Leads, Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC), North Cumbria Primary Care Alliance (NCPC), Local Medical Committee (LMC), North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Dr Robert Westgate

North Cumbria Operational Leads:

Each primary Care Network (PCN) is represented by their respective operational lead and makes up the Operational Lead Group who meet monthly.

The operational Lead group have oversight of project work that falls under the remit of Primary Care North Cumbria.

Catherine Penrice, Keswick & Solway Operational Lead

Primary Care Services North Cumbria Operational Delivery Team:

HR & Finance on behalf of Primary Care Networks:
Carlisle Healthcare / Tracey Darrington

Management Lead on behalf of operational Leadership:
Tracie Webb

Project Manager - North Cumbria:
Samantha Gargett

Communications & Media Project Manager:
Paul Day

PCN Cancer Engagement Lead North Cumbria:
Joel Vilchez

For more information on Primary Care Services North Cumbria please get in touch via our enquiry form here.

Please note: For clinical requests please contact your appropriate health provider accordingly.

Sam Gargett
Project Manager - North Cumbria

Sam is the project manager for Primary Care Services North Cumbria leading on multiple projects and stakeholder relationships across North Cumbria including scoping at scale working for multiple Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and practices.

Sam also has day to day management oversight of: Communications and Media and Widening Participation.

Paul Day
Communications & Media - Project Manager

Paul leads on Communications and Media projects for Primary Care Services North Cumbria and specialises in digital communications, multi-media / content creation, websites, social media and design.

Paul previously worked as part of the Communications Team for NHS North Cumbria CCG and then the North East and North Cumbria ICB.

Joel Vilchez - PCN Cancer Engagement Lead North Cumbria

Joel leads the work on Cancer Engagement for Primary Care Services North Cumbria collaborating with GP practices PCNS and working closely with the Northern Cancer Alliance.

Joel previously worked as an Operational Lead for Health Records and Physical Health Psychology at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust. 

Dr Robert Westgate - Chair of North Cumbria General Practice Leadership Team

Robert chairs our North Cumbria General Practice leadership team and provides strategic support for the project. The Leadership team brings together Clinical Directors and Operational Leads from the North Cumbria Primary Care Networks, along with representation from Cumbria Health on Call, North Cumbria Primary Care Alliance and the Local Medical Committee (LMC).

The team is supported and facilitated by the NHS (Integrated Care Board in North Cumbria) and is an informal meeting of primary care providers and key partners and is working to be the voice of general practice providers within the North Cumbria Health and Care System.

Robert, originally from Redcar, is also a GP having trained in North Cumbria in the 1990s and is Clinical Director of Carlisle Healthcare Primary Care Network. He also works freelance out of hours for Cumbria Health on Call and is a trustee of “ICan Wellbeing Group”, a third sector charitable organisation.

Dr Amit Paik
Clinical Lead of North Cumbria Primary Care Training Hub

Amit is Clinical Lead for the North Cumbria Primary Care Training Hub which was previously part of Health Education England and now sits within NHS England. In this role he provides strategic leadership around all things connected to primary care  clinical workforce. He has helped to embed the GP and Nurse Fellowship programmes within North Cumbria.

Amit is also a GP Partner with Carlisle Healthcare as well as working with Cumbria Health on Call out of hours and supporting “BASICS” – emergency medical responders in North Cumbria. He can also be heard periodically on BBC Radio Cumbria.